Graduate research that shapes the world

Saving lions with community organisations in Namibia. The impact of creative arts in the workplace. Indigenous knowledges in the contemporary world. Addressing past injustices to build an inclusive, equitable future.

A graduate research degree in the Faculty of Arts will give you the opportunity to generate new knowledge of how societies transform, how we communicate and create, and how we understand ethics and justice.  You will be able to make an impact, by sharing that knowledge with the world. Working within our areas of research expertise, the Faculty of Arts can support you to engage with world-leading experts, international academic collaborators, and research partners in the wider community.

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Meet PhD Candidate Jennifer J Williams

11 Jul 2023

A portrait of Jennifer Williams: a brunette woman with shoulder-length hair and glasses. Jennifer wears dark clothing and stands at a slight angle to the camera.

I [am] fascinated by how technology develops and shapes society

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Meet PhD Graduate, Dr Tym Yee

08 Jun 2023

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