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We believe that being a great leader is all about being a team player. Our many and varied partners each enjoy a distinct place in our team and bring with them unique perspectives that allow our community to learn, grow and create in ways that would not be possible without collaboration.

You will be in great company with our broad, sustainable and mutually beneficial institutional partnerships.

Strategic and productive international relationships are integral to our drive to be a university with world-leading impact. Our experience in nurturing deep, long-term connections with partner universities and companies continues to shape our research vision and approach to learning and teaching.

If you share our desire for innovation and excellence, partner with Macquarie and be a part of the journey that's delivering solutions to real-world challenges.

How to connect with our future leaders

Macquarie has an inspiring community of students and staff engaged with issues of global importance. Find out more about how our talented undergraduate students can make a meaningful contribution to your business via internships or by filling short-term vacancies.

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