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Arts graduates are highly sought after by employers because arts courses ensure you develop high-level skills in a range of areas such as problem solving, research, creative thinking and communication – skills essential for success in the 21st century workplace.

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  • Ancient history

    Ancient history

    With a broad and rich understanding of ancient times, we can better understand who we are today and where we are going in the future.

    Macquarie’s world-leading ancient history courses let you immerse yourself in Mediterranean and Near Eastern culture and language, both on campus and at archaeological dig sites overseas.

    Potential careers:

    • archivist
    • collections officer
    • conservation consultant
    • cultural heritage specialist
    • museum education officer
    • researcher
    • gallery or museum curator
    • government adviser
    • historian
    • policy officer
    Immerse yourself in ancient cultures and languages, both on campus and at archaeological dig sites overseas with Macquarie's leading Ancient History courses.
  • Anthropology


    Anthropology is the comparative study of societies and human diversity.

    Our applied anthropology focus at Macquarie will ensure you have the practical skills – along with the theoretical knowledge – you need to understand the issues concerning diverse peoples of this planet.

    Potential careers:

    • business and government consultant
    • community planner
    • diversity consultant
    • human resources manager
    • multicultural liaison officer
    • public health official
    • policy developer
    • NGO evaluator or administrator
    • cultural adviser
    • community outreach coordinator
    Understand the issues concerning the diverse peoples of our world. Macquarie's applied anthropology approach gives you experience with both theory and practice.
  • Archaeology


    Archaeology reconstructs cultures from the things that we – and our predecessors – have used and then left behind, from dwellings to jewellery and tombs.

    Study archaeology at Macquarie and you can learn with our amazing facilities on-campus as well as dig sites overseas, with the opportunity to integrate both arts and science knowledge.

    Potential careers:

    • field director
    • field technician
    • archaeological surveyor
    • historian
    • heritage consultant
    • librarian
    • curator
    • education officer
    • researcher
    • tourism officer
    Uncover the past when you study Archaeology at Macquarie. You'll work with amazing on-campus facilities, and have opportunities to visit dig sites overseas.
  • Cultural and global studies

    Cultural and global studies

    From art to social media, environmental activism to social taboos, our cultural practices reveal how we make meaning, how we organise our social and political relationships and how we identify ourselves.

    At Macquarie you’ll explore political, ethical and social interactions and their consequences for cultural practice and communications. Designed for those who aspire to lead social change, you'll learn creative ways to tackle the global challenges facing cultures and communities.

    Potential careers:

    • arts administrator
    • diversity officer
    • researcher
    • policy analyst
    • media relations specialist
    • cultural affairs consultant
    • advocacy officer
    • international businessperson
    • diplomat
    • development officer
    Tackle the political, ethical and social challenges faced by the world's communities when you study Cultural and Global Studies at Macquarie.
  • English literature

    English literature

    Studying English develops many essential skills—including communication, evaluation, flexibility, and independence of judgement.

    At Macquarie you’ll build advanced skills in reading, analysis, interpretation and communication as you deal with texts and their functions within particular cultures.

    Potential careers:

    • copywriter
    • editor and publisher
    • government and public service adviser
    • literary agent
    • media adviser
    • public relations specialist
    • advertising and marketing executive
    • communications coordinator
    • literary agent
    • social media coordinator
    Explore texts and their cultural functions when you study English Literature at Macquarie. You'll build advanced skills in reading, analysis and communication.
  • Environment and society

    Environment and society

    Environment and society examines the complex relationships between people and their environments from geographical and social perspectives, with a focus on social justice, equity and sustainability.

    You’ll address the most important global and urban environmental issues of our time, such as corporate responsibility, resource security and climate change, and seek to improve quality of life for future generations.

    Potential careers:

    • environmental officer
    • national parks ranger
    • researcher
    • environmental consultant
    • sustainability officer
    • legal officer
    • educator
    • policy adviser
    Confront critical issues like climate change, resource security and corporate responsibility when you study Environment and Society at Macquarie.
  • Geography


    Geographers strive to understand how the Earth works, and how humans interact with it and each other at a range of geographical scales.

    At Macquarie you’ll prepare for a range of careers in development, planning, government, and science by combining topics like population studies with integrated practical skills like research methodology.

    Potential careers:

    • environmental officer
    • forecaster/meteorologist
    • ecologically sustainable development officer
    • river care officer
    • insurance analyst
    • resource planner
    • soil surveyor
    • educator
    • environmental consultant
    • water policy adviser
    Study how the Earth works and how humans interact with it. Geography at Macquarie prepares you for careers in development, government, science and beyond.
  • Indigenous studies

    Indigenous studies

    Learn to think critically about the world we live in, and develop a deeper understanding of the issues impacting Indigenous communities.

    Indigenous studies at Macquarie is a diverse, interdisciplinary area of study, where you’ll explore the everyday social, cultural and political world of Indigenous peoples locally and globally.

    Potential careers:

    • Aboriginal access worker
    • case worker
    • health worker
    • community liaison officer
    • Indigenous advocate
    • journalist
    • public policy officer
    • youth adviser
    • Indigenous rights officer
    • project officer
    Explore the social, cultural and political lives of Indigenous communities and the issues impacting them when you choose Indigenous Studies at Macquarie.
  • International relations

    International relations

    The study of international relations focuses on the global system – how it originated and how it functions today.

    At Macquarie you’ll deepen your understanding of how the world works and how you fit into it by examining the political, economic, cultural, legal and institutional forces influencing strategy and policy.

    Potential careers:

    • diplomat
    • human rights officer
    • international trade specialist
    • World Bank consultant
    • policy analyst
    • cross-cultural worker
    • aid and development adviser
    • immigration consultant
    • world food program officer
    Study International Relations at Macquarie to deepen your knowledge of the political, economic, cultural, legal and institutional forces influencing our world.
  • Modern history

    Modern history

    Studying modern history gives you a rich perspective on the evolution of today’s complex and rapidly evolving world.

    At Macquarie you’ll gain crucial transferable skills in research, critical analysis and synthesis, reasoning, argument, inquiry, ethical problem-solving and effective communication.

    Potential careers:

    • diplomat
    • political affairs officer
    • researcher
    • union official
    • writer
    • business administrator
    • public sector advise
    • ministerial liaison officer
    • media officer
    • gallery and museum curator
    Build a rich perspective on the evolution of today's society and develop crucial transferable skills when you study Modern History at Macquarie.
  • Philosophy


    What is the mind? Do we have free will? What is race and does it matter? Philosophy explores fundamental questions about human life.

    At Macquarie you’ll develop critical thinking and reasoning skills in one of the top Philosophy departments in Australasia. Philosophical knowledge and skills prepare you for a wide range of careers.

    Potential careers:

    • journalist
    • entrepreneur
    • recruiter
    • policy consultant
    • social media coordinator
    • researcher
    • lobbyist
    • mediator
    • communications assistant
    • business administrator
    Develop your critical thinking in one of Australasia's top Philosophy departments. You'll build key workplace skills while exploring life's big questions.
  • Politics


    Politics is concerned with how societies are structured; the distribution of power, and collective decision making.

    At Macquarie you’ll explore the processes of policy formulation, implementation and evaluation; current political ideas; debates covering world issues; and relations between states and institutions.

    Potential careers:

    • politician
    • journalist
    • foreign affairs adviser
    • press secretary
    • public policy adviser
    • researcher
    • trade union representative
    • diplomat
    • campaign officer/manager
    • advocate and lobbyist
    Build your knowledge of today's political issues when you study Politics at Macquarie. You'll explore power, decision-making, policy, social structure and more.
  • Sociology and social policy

    Sociology and social policy

    We live in an increasingly dynamic world with patterned gender differences and divisions between rich and poor, citizens and refugees, East and West.

    These divisions structure the web of our social relationships. You'll explore them, and learn skills in research methods and analysis to enable social change through effective policy and planning.

    Potential careers:

    • journalist
    • community education officer
    • international aid worker
    • market/social researcher
    • policy analyst
    • social planner
    • equal opportunity officer
    • social services coordinator
    • media producer
    • human resources specialist
    Explore the patterns and divisions structuring our social relationships, and equip yourself to make a difference with essential skills in research and analysis.
  • Urban planning

    Urban planning

    Urban and regional planning is a profession that shapes the places where people live, work and play. Planners aim to improve the social, spatial and environmental fabric of cities by creating vibrant, healthy and equitable communities, and by facilitating sustainable transport, infrastructure and growth.

    You'll be taught by teachers with research expertise in the fields of urban studies, planning theory and practice, environmental management, social justice and sustainability in urban settings, and from leading planning professionals.

    Potential careers:

    • environmental planner
    • heritage planner
    • housing officer
    • development assessor
    • local government planner
    • place-maker/place planner
    • policy analyst
    • social or environmental consultant
    • social/community planner
    • strategic planner
    • sustainability consultant
    • urban/town planner
    • urbanist
    Prepare for a career shaping the places people live, work and play. Macquarie offers you a unique, socially and environmentally driven perspective on planning.

We've reimagined our Bachelor of Arts, so you can explore your passions and gain valuable skills for your career


Flexible study options

Flexible study options

At Macquarie, you can study on campus or online while combining a huge range of study areas. Having access to so much choice and flexibility means you’ll graduate with a more diverse skill set and have greatly expanded career options. For example, you can take two majors in our Bachelor of Arts, or combine the degree with another to double your expertise.

Industry relevant courses

Industry relevant courses

We've consulted with large companies and recruiters to ensure that our Bachelor of Arts develops a broad range of relevant, transferable skills. You'll receive a portfolio to impress employers and ensure you'll be in demand whatever your career choice.

Top 50 globally for Arts and Humanities  (Source: US News Best Global Universities, 2021).

Top 50 globally for Arts and Humanities (Source: US News Best Global Universities, 2021).

Five subjects ranked top 100 in the world (QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2022)

Five subjects ranked top 100 in the world (QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2022)

Ranked in the top 1 per cent of universities in the world (QS World University Rankings, 2022)

Ranked in the top 1 per cent of universities in the world (QS World University Rankings, 2022)

Practical learning

Real-world, hands-on experience

Real-world, hands-on experience

Our programs help you transition from the classroom to the workplace. Macquarie’s award-winning Professional and Community Engagement (PACE) units offer you opportunities for real industry experience as part of your degree.

World class facilities

World class facilities

Our exciting new arts precinct will transform your learning experience through collaborative learning facilities, relaxing social spaces, an ideation hub, inspiring history museum, immersive labs for languages, digital journalism lab, radio station 2SER, and one of the largest screen production studios in Australia.

What our students say

Melanie Brading

Melanie Brading

Bachelor of Social Science

"My course is so relevant to the world today – it’s preparing me to work with people, both locally and internationally, to help solve some of the major issues our world is facing.

I’ve also had the opportunity to be part of a joint research study with the Salvation Army examining the effects of a local project in a public housing estate. I feel a lot more confident applying for jobs now that I have experience in my field."

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